Last year when this site was up for renewal I remember sitting in pause for a moment considering if I should just let it go; it had become stale over time and I questioned if it even served me anymore. I don’t know if it was my perpetual state of nostalgia, or just an incomplete thought, but I simply cleared it out, slapped up a sterile landing page and quite honestly just forgot about it, until now.

It’s funny sometimes how the things that are meant for us will often sit in wait; over time, throughout transformation, and many cycles of grief and returning to ourselves. This site which once housed the thoughts and experiences of my 20’s; the successes, struggles, and work that I was so proud of, is now the clean slate I needed for the last half of my 30’s, this chapter that I feel like I had been preparing and working towards my entire life. We’ve both sat in wait; we’ve fought tirelessly for our heartbeat, released what wasn’t meant for us, and stand stronger as we approach this next chapter together.

The invitation to fill this space purposefully with the work, learnings, and experiences that will grow throughout this new decade is one that I can’t refuse. I can feel it all running through my veins; it’s warm and welcoming, filling that little red blood thing in my chest and reminding me what I’m meant for. And while I don’t have any of the answers, I can tell you, it doesn’t look anything like the last decade, though it will be born from it.


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