Deconstruct to Reconstruct

Over the last decade and a half, this site has transformed along with me. Beginning as a blog in my early twenties, this site chronicled my musings on life and growth. It was the first space I had to write, process and share how I was experiencing the world; and good, bad, or otherwise, how the world was also experiencing me.

As the years passed it became a repository for my online resume, businesses, and archived work products when I didn’t have another space to house centrally. I think honestly this space served more of a purpose reminding me of where I had been and what the highlights were more than it really was about broadcasting out to any audience, or knowing at all where I was going.

Now, as I think about how I want to show up and use this space, I hope it continues to to be a reminder of where I’ve been, what I’ve experienced, and the work that I am doing in the world, but with more of an outward purpose; the deep intent is to expand the safe space to explore, share, and feel through the world’s uncertainties, in a community of sorts. I hope it can resonate with others who are witnessing their own human experience and looking or needing more connection or belonging to the broader collective.

In this next chapter, and current phase of this site, I hope it’s as open and safe of a space and resource to you as it is for me. My commitment here is to continue to learn, grow, and iterate as a human, all imperfectly but with beneficial intent, and a driven purpose to bring more light to a world that can often be dark. If that sounds affordable to you, please stick around, visit often, share resources, and participate when I’m offering and sharing programs or opportunities to expand our toolkits and knowing, together

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