I am a Sustainable Finance and Social Impact professional, serial health & wellness entrepreneur, recovering food & lifestyle blogger, and a trauma + grief informed intuitive energy healer.

Welcome, I’m so thrilled you’re here.

Hi, I’m Val. Thank you for joining me in this space.

There’s a Joan Didlon quote that always struck a chord with me – it says. ‘I have already lost touch with a couple people I used to be.’ In the first couple of decades of my life that really resonated; I viewed my experiences and years as chapters, sometimes of different books; I just couldn’t see the threads, they were just people I used to be, and sometimes felt that I vaguely knew or hoped to forget. Some chapters clearly and gently informed the next, and some were wildly misplaced misfits interrupting the series. I couldn’t always make sense of it, but intuition led me to the big decisions, and the human parts of what came next led me to the growth.

Now, as I traverse life in a different way I find myself spending more time with the previous versions of myself; they are not forgotten, and without them, I’d be lost. They are the strength in my spine, they are my grief, and they are my pride; we’ve traveled together through this life, burning and rising from the ash more times than can be counted in the process of becoming; I did not happen upon the person I am today, i fought and won to become her, and that’s certainly not nothing.

Over the last 20 years I have collected tremendously diverse experiences of the world and of individual life. I’ve built and run a number of wellness businesses, while growing in my corporate career; I’ve evolved passions, and journeyed with my self (or selves) through grief, joy, trauma(s) and the experience of being human at this moment in time. I have struggled and learned, and I’ve fought and prevailed; and I owned the work I needed to do to transform to each next version of myself. I’ve seen this life from both sides, and have found my self in the middle; I found my stillness, the collective purpose of my experiences, and most importantly, my practice.

As I sit within my own transformation, I’ve realized my connection to the healing world and the space I not only want to occupy, but also one that I want to create over time for us all to be fully human in our experience.  So often we lack the trust, safety, and guide rails required to step into and live in our vulnerably, learning how to connect to parts of ourselves and others that we’ve been searching for.  We then miss out on the opportunity to be in-community and relationship authentically, which are the exact relationships and support systems that we need to navigate the messiest and most uncertain chapters of our stories. This safe human connection allows us to take off our blinders of isolation and accept the invitations we are receiving from the universe through our struggles to grow into our truest and highest selves. 

Areas of Focus:

Sustainability + Climate

Individuation: Jung + Tarot

Trauma & grief informed programming

Human Rights + Social Impact

Leadership Development

Intuitive Energy Healing – for humans + animals

Trainings & Certifications

Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility New York University / Stern School of Business – Completed June 2022

Certificate in The Just Transition: Achieving Social Inclusion in a Low Carbon Future Candrium University / New York Life Investments – Completed April 2021

Workplace Big 5 / Workplace 360 Certified Consultant
Paradigm Personality Labs / Formerly Center for Applied Cognitive Studies – Completed May 2016

Usui Reiki Energy Healing | Levels 1 + 2
Usui Shiki Rhyoho – Completed November 2021

Animal Reiki Healing | Levels 1 + 2
Animal Reiki Alliance – Completed June 2022

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