Val Morini | Sustainable finance and Social Impact professional, serial health and wellness entrepreneur, and recovering food blogger. With 15+ years of experience in this space, Val holds numerous certifications in leadership and business consulting, grief and trauma informed healing therapies, and integrated embodiment practices

The Session Series was created to create a practical and sustainable approach to holistic wellness, integrating a variety of therapeutic and somatic practices with personal development and physical health to allow for more conscious and purpose-driven living.

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Founder | The Session Series provides personalized individual and group programs through our Healing, Growth, and Embodiment Sessions.  Each focus area introduces a modern and integrated approach to holistic wellness and conscious living. 

We take a modern grief and trauma informed approach to all of our programs through a number of traditional therapeutic methods, somatic practices, and purpose-driven personal development to focus on igniting and development the life force of the whole human, community, and collective. 

Board Chair | Cav Futures Foundation is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit serves as a complementary entity to Cav Futures, the NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) collective supporting University of Virginia student-athletes.

The Cav Futures Foundation is dedicated to educational programming around personal growth and development, mental health advocacy, financial literacy, brand strategy, and community engagement.

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