valerie morini: b:core methods

b:core is leading a movement in Charlottesville.  We are where barre, cardio + resistance training meet endurance and functional movement for one unifying goal: to redefine your core.

valerie morini: b:core methods

b:core is my fourth (fitness) child – really fourth and fifth if you’re counting studios and concepts – and it’s definitely getting the best of me.  All of my trials, learnings, development and growing expertise have been compiled to bring this new brand to life, and to marry it every so compatibly with MADabolic to compliment what we believe to be the best in athletic strength and conditioning with the best in core strength and endurance.

Our barre teachers are certified by Exhale Spa and Core Fusion — and even better than just learning their methodology and structure, our teachers were intensely trained by the FOUNDERS, Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, directly and intentionally to understand the deepest roots of the foundation and the why behind each movement.

Our core studio is licensed by Lagree Fitness, and is bringing one of the most innovative methods in the fitness marketplace right to our community in Charlottesville.  We use Lagree’s patented Megaformer to bring intensity to a new level through strength and resistance training that brings muscles to failure for full engagement of fast twitch muscles and core strength.

valerie morini: b:core barre core

In opening this studio and creating this brand, we’re excited to advance the fitness marketplace in Charlottesville, and look forward to spreading our #corelife to additional markets in the near future.  Our wheels are always turning and are feet usually hit the ground running, so stay tuned for all the updates on what’s happening and what is still yet to come.

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