When I’m not living the corporate life, I’m driving my passions forward: fitness + business, best when mixed.

In 2013 Dar and I opened MADabolic Cville, a brand new concept to Charlottesville, making intensity and effectiveness attainable for the masses.

In Charlottesville, MADabolic broke into the market as the most innovative interval based strength and endurance program.  Each workout is intentionally crafted to deliver a specific intensity and provide lasting results.  Everything we do is predetermined, carefully structured, and built to compliment any active lifestyle.

Over the last two years we have built our team as intentionally as each interval is designed; with intention and balance.  Our two most important goals are educating and building community, and it is all rooted in our team.

fuel sweat grow: MADabolic Cville Team Photo

Each of our coaches was required to have an accredited certification prior to going through our MAD training, and all came wither their own unique athletic and fitness backgrounds.

Our MADabolic training isn’t just a weekend of memorization; it’s an evolution of skills training, foundational movements, and, of course, our MAD theory.  Training for us isn’t a once and done thing – it’s perpetual and ongoing, and based in the strong belief that the more development and knowledge you can take in, the more effective you will be.  Our coaches also have access to the MADabolic corporate video arsenal, detailing out all of the movements, set ups, points of performance and modifications necessary to ensure that the coaches are prepared to expertly teach each movement to any client that walks in the doors.  That’s the difference between being a fitness instructor and a fitness professional — and we are proud to have a coaching staff of fitness professionals educating and improving our athletes on a daily basis.

In June of 2014 we opened MADabolic Charleston, the second MADabolic franchise location to open, establishing the name and method in a much larger market than Charlottesville, but with a very similar intention: education and community.  As this location continues to grow out through the rest of year 1, we’ll continue to stay true to the course we did in Cville, leveraging the quality of the programming to establish that strong foundation.

fuel sweat grow: MADabolic Charleston Mt. Pleasant




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