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Healing Sessions

Whether you’re carrying grief, trauma, or even just the weight of being a human on earth and everything that comes with it, our healing sessions are geared towards identifying or working with root cause, supporting and strengthening coping skills through mindfulness, somatic therapy techniques dialogue and energy practices. Our Healing sessions do not to replace clinical psychotherapies, but rather to support you in doing your work, building your support infrastructure, or learning how to support and hold space with others.

Growth Sessions

Growth sessions cover a broad range of personal and professional development to help you find or strengthen your own path and purpose. Our growth coaching is focused on getting to know yourself and your unique skills, strengthening your own internal compass, and building your own personalized and often iterative roadmap to drive your life in the direction of your purpose and ambitions.

Embodiment Sessions

Wellness is mostly an inside job; while our healing and growth sessions address more of the mental and emotional aspects directly, our embodiment sessions incorporate in the physical wellness. Whether it be movement, self / body love + acceptance, understanding nutrition, or exploring our relationship with food, it’s important that we close the loop with our selves.

Sustainable Wellness + Recovery

Sometimes it comes down to asking ourselves if we are willing; willing to do the work, willing to shed what no longer serves us, willing to trust the struggle long enough to hit the next level, to finally meet ourselves.

Val Morini | The Sessions Series

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