The Session Series

Healing Sessions

Our healing sessions integrate a variety of grief and trauma informed therapeutic and somatic practices with practical tools for personal healing and self care. We use and offer practical tools and resources to help clients connect to themselves, build resilience and coping strategies for self-regulation, healing and growth.

Growth Sessions

Our Growth Sessions focus on identifying and developing personalized development plans for a greater sense of purpose and connection in life and career pathways.  Think executive coaching meets transpersonal psychology.  These sessions build upon the connection to self,  leveraging a number of exploratory approaches to align personal development and growth plans with actionable steps to deepen the sense of fulfillment in our lives and life’s work. 

Embodiment Sessions

Our Embodiment sessions incorporate different approaches to use the body and body awareness as an integrated tool for healing.  Our programs are focused on bringing mindfulness together with movement and connection to the present moment through consciousness practices.   This connection to and within our bodies is how we develop and strengthen self-awareness, connection, self-regulation, stillness and our inner knowing to help us move through our lives with stronger grounding and purpose, actionable growth, resiliency, and overall presence. 

Holistic Wellness + Embodiment

Sometimes it comes down to asking ourselves if we are willing; willing to do the work, willing to shed what no longer serves us, willing to trust the struggle long enough to hit the next level, to finally meet ourselves.

Val Morini | The Sessions Series

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