Own a Business + it Will Own Your Time


This morning I sat at my desk and spent 5 minutes trying to figure out what day it was.  Yesterday I spent 2 hours trying to organize my organizer, and on Monday I wrote out the same to-do list in 4 different places because I knew I would forget both the urgencies and the physical list if […]

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Life, Lately + the Perpetual Build of Business

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Life, lately, has looked something like this. I’m on an all-day, every night, and throughout the weekend worker right now, trying to strike that balance between the corporate and entrepreneurial pieces of my life.  Despite the perpetual over scheduling, and my borderline obsession with my planner and all things levenger, I can’t imagine my life any […]

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‘Tis the season to say what we’re thankful for, and this year I’m feeling my gratitude more than ever.  This time last year seems like a lifetime ago.  In the past year I’ve moved twice, officially (unofficially 8 times), worked on about 20 crazy and completely different projects, met at least a thousand new faces, […]

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